Enamel coating help reducing impact of hot and aggressive gases. This improves lifetimes of e.g. engine or other exposed parts. Friction can be minimized

Medical / Hospital

Enamel coating can be applied to surfaces to create anti-bacterial surfaces – especially on stainless steel. Porous coatings can also help to reduce virus loads


Fighting hot and aggressive gases and lowering friction is key for choosing enamel coatings – also because of the good look!


Combining Enamel coating and electronics is like opening the door into 21st century. Heat resistance, perfect isolation combined with functional parts is modern way of integrated electronics



Enamel coating reduces corrosion impact i.e. due to salt. No need to temper the whole ship as we have developed a solution to cover also only parts.


No fingerprints, colorful and long lasting – a surface like glass. Not only for functional parts but each any any part. Can be applied to many carrier materials, like stainless steel, ,many metals, glass, and many more.

Chemical Industry

The core of technical enamel business. Enamel on glass on functional parts on stainless steel whatever needs to be protected and used long term. Convert commodities into long lasting investment goods at low cost.

Public Spaces

Easy to clean surfaces with anti graphiti functionality, while colorful and good looking. No need to over-paint every second year.

Who we are

We are Enameltec OMR a company specialized in making enamel coatings happen for any intention. We are no standard coating service provider like many around. We are a COATING DEVELOPMENT SERVICE specialist, which means we don‘t have solutions ready on the shelf, but we develop them following your requirements – no matter how complicated – but please no easy standars.