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Who we are

Who we are

We are Enameltec OMR a company specialized in making enamel coatings happen for any intention. We are no standard coating service provider like many around. We are a COATING DEVELOPMENT SERVICE specialist, which means we don‘t have solutions ready on the shelf, but we develop them following your requirements – no matter how complicated – but please no easy standars.

In our humble understanding ENAMEL is a lost technology. When hearing enamel people think of Grandma‘s pot , what is apitty if you look at the outstanding properties of ENAMEL:

  • Enviromentally friendly
  • High Temeprature stable
  • Can withstand agressive medias
  • Low fricition surface possible
  • Controllable Porosity
  • As hard as glass
  • And many other benefits
  • 3D coverage

But we want to take it further – Bringing ENAMEL back into the high-tec region, combining it with electronics, going for active surface and many things

We have a long term exposure in RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT activities, developing ground branking new properties, applying ENAMEL to surface never thought of and developing what is needed instead of applying what is available