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Why speak to us

Why speak to us

Looking for a cheap, standard and high volume coating service – sorry that‘s not our business…
Having the feeling that the properties of ENAMEL can assist you in making your products better and you don‘t know how to tackle this? Welcome – here we are!

We offer you a technical assessment on the highets level with unrival know-how around enamal coatings. Guess how many comapnies around the world you might find that take enamel coating as a high-tech component to create surfaces of the 21st century, that have the know-how to develop processes, and to secure those of behalf of their customers and… make things happen. There is no need to count far…

So it is our philosophy and belief that ENAMEL is too good to be forgotten, however it is also true that very little has been researched over the last years and ENAMEL is mainly seen as a prety standard coating in competition to paint coatings.

This is exactly where we start to change the game! ENAMEL in our understanding is a high-tech technology that can do far more that any paint can offer. If you want to find out what more – let us know….